EPE Foam Cushions

Expanded Polyethylene or EPE as it is known is a closed cell, non-cross linked product expanded from low-density polyethylene resins using eco friendly Butane as a blowing agent. EPE has an excellent characteristic of thermal insulation, elasticity and shock absorption. A unique heat lamination is used to build up the thickness from 6mm to 100mm and more as well as to form a laminate and composite multi-layered structure of homogenous bonding with taper free parallelness. EPE is CFC free, available in standard forms of rolls and sheet. Non standard cut sheets, die cut components, adhesive backed components, pouches/bags, CD covers, slitted rolls, ready to use fabricated fitments etc. of specific tailor made sizes are offered on specific requirements. EPE has strong chemical resistance and is weather/ waterproof. It is a versatile product that is flexible; offers excellent cushioning; can regain shape after shock; is fracture, shatter and crumble proof as well as is virtually impermeable for liquids. The product finds widespread use in Packaging, Sport good, Footwear, Thermal insulation, Automobile, Construction, Defence and Marine Industries.

One of the main characteristic of this item is its Density to be considered while selecting to make Cushioning, Fitments, etc.,

These are available in varieties of colors, density, thickness. And also in normal and anti-static form which provide both cushioning and static protection to the products.